Symposium 'tomorrosw's animal: subject or object', 11 april in Nize

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The first symposium dedicated to animal law will take place in the Faculty of Law in Nice (Sophia Antapolis) on 11 April 2014, an unprecedented event in France.

Organized by the Association pour le développement du droit animalier [Association for animal law development], and in particular its founder Christian Razeau, the symposium will bring French legal scholars working for the animal cause together for the first. Renowned professors such as Olivier Le Bot and Jean-Pierre Marguénaud (Director of RSDA), and doctoral candidates Loïs Leclanchon and Sabine Brels, all pioneers and new arrivals have joined this event.
The presentations by the participants will provide updates on the status of animal law as well as establish the bases of animal law, something that is still missing from University Law Teaching in France.

You can consult the program online here

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