Conference 'Law of Cosmetics: Regulation, Responsibility, Bio-Ethics'

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On Tuesday, January 28, the Department of Law of the University of Rome (III) will hold a conference entitled: “Law of Cosmetics: Regulation, Responsibility, Bio-Ethics”. The conference, which runs all day starting at 9:30 a.m. and held mostly in Italian, will include an array of presentations related to cosmetics, supply chains, and the role of consumers in cosmetic choice. Of particular interest is the presentation in the morning by Prof. Francesca Rescigno, of the University of Bologna entitled “Esseri animali: res o soggetti.

L’Animal Testing, quale possibile ostacolo verso la soggettività animale” (Animal Beings: things or subjects. Animal Testing, possible obstacles with regards to animal subjectivity). For those who cannot attend the conference, we will have a report on the conference prepared for February.


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