II International Seminar On Comparative Environmental Law, in Salvador de Bahía (Brazil)

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The Universidade Federale da Bahia (Federal University of Bahia, Brazil) and Pace University (USA) are organizing II International Seminar On Comparative Environmental Law, which will take place in the Faculty of Law of the Universidade Federale da Bahia on August 27, 2013.

Both Universities, which have worked through Institutes directed by Professor Heron Santana Gordilho and Professor David Cassuto respectively regarding Environmental Law and Animal Law for many years, present a very complete Program for this occasion, which tackles issues in which traditional law has encountered a collision with new emerging questions regarding animals and their interests and the environment, which require reflection and a restructuring of the solutions that have been provided up to this point.

The Program is structured in an inaugural session, in homage to Professor Pedro Manso Cabral, and six conferences in which there will be a principal presenter and a mediator. In this way, it is intended that each topic, each object for discussion, offers the attendees the possibility to engage deeply and dynamically in the topics.

The planned conferences are the following:

-Cooperative Federalism & Green Taxation, by Paulo Pimenta, Federal Judge and Professor of Universidade Federale da Bahia (UFBA). Mediator: Gisane Tourniho Dantas (UFBA).

-Constitutional Law & Environment, by David N. Cassuto, Professor of Pace University and Judge in New York. Mediator: Maria Izabel Toledo (UFBA).

-Environmental Crimes & Plea Bargaining, by Heron Santana Gordilho, Professor of the UFBA and Prosecutor in the Provincial Court of Bahía. Mediator: Ana Paula Bonfim (UFBA)

-Administrative Environmental Law, by Julio Rocha, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law of the UFBA. Mediator: Sergio Nogueira Reis (UFBA).

-Bullfighting & Legislative Power in Spain, by Teresa Giménez-Candela, Full Professor of Law in the UAB (Spain) and Editor of the website derechoanimal.info. Mediator: Tagore Trajano (UFBA).

-Brazilian Supreme Court & Environmental Cases, by Saulo Casali Bahía, Professor in the UFBA and Federal Judge. Mediator: Ana Andrade (UFBA).

Istituto Abolicionista Animal (IAA, Animal Abolitionist Institute, Bahía) and the Máster in Animal Law and Society (UAB, Spain) will serve as collaborating entities, among other groups.

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